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 PRWeb Affiliate Notification - Change
Posted By: On: 22 Aug 2009 12:48 PM
Details Directly From PRWeb

PRWeb would like to notify all affiliates of an upcoming change within the PRWeb Affiliate Program. This change requires assistance from you if you are an existing affiliate through LinkConnector.

In LinkConnector, PRWeb has unique campaigns that direct to either www.prweb.com or a sister web site www.prwebdirect.com. You are a member of the PRWeb Direct Press Release Promotions campaign that directs to prwebdirect.com. As part of our corporate strategy, we will be transitioning the prwebdirect.com traffic to prweb.com. As a result, affiliates currently enrolled in the program linking to prwebdirect.com are invited to move to the prweb.com campaign. The transition requires you to update links on your web site where PRWeb is advertised. Commissions for the campaign will remain the same.

You are cordially invited to join this new campaign. We will continue the old campaign until September 15, 2009 at which time it will become inactive. If you would like to continue as a PRWeb affiliate, please update your links by that date. Thank you for continuing to be a valued partner.

Please contact Kathleen Devilbiss [kdevilbiss@vocus.com]

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