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26 May 2024 
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 Watching Videos - Troubleshooting

Here is a troubleshooting checklist. You can try to watch the video after you complete each step as there may not be a need to do everything on this list to resolve your video issue.

We recommend that you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox to view our videos.  If you are using AOL, MSN or some other browser this may be contributing to your problem.  Please see #2 below.

If you are using a dial up connection it will be very slow to access any of our video's.  If you do not have access to DSL or Cable internet, we recommend that you go to the video you want to watch, as soon as it starts to load hit the pause key which looks like "||" (two vertical lines on the player) and walk away.  It could take quite a while to load. Allow it to load entirely then play the video.

If you are on a wireless connection at home and load time seems slow we recommend that you connect your computer directly to your router while watching videos. If you prefer not to do this you can go to the video and once it starts to load hit the pause button, allow it to load entirely and then play the video.

-- If you are recieving an error trying to open a video please follow the directions below --

1. Clear your internet history (cache) and cookies. To delete your cookies in Internet Explorer go to your 'Start' menu on the bottom left corner of your computer screen,-->Control Panel-->Network and Internet Connections-->Internet Options. When the window pops up, click on the 'Delete' button - from there delete your 'Temporary files', 'History' and 'Cookies' and click  'Close' and then click on 'ok'. Then close your browser (internet window) and try again.

In Firefox go to "Tools" and then "Clear Private Data" Make sure "Browsing history, Saved from search history, and cache" boxes are checked. Click "Clear private data now", then close your browser and try again.

If you are still having problems:

2. Use a different Internet browser - If you are using Internet Explorer you may need to switch to Firefox and the other way around. The links to download are below and both programs are free.

To download Firefox go to:
To download Internet Explorer go to:

4.  You may need to uninstall Adobe Flash and reinstall it. Adobe often makes changes that can affect the ability to view videos properly. We have no way on knowing when they do so you may need to go through this process occasionally. Here is a  link for instructions:

To get the latest version of Adobe Flash (free download)..find this at

One final note: We do not have the ability to troubleshoot your particular PC.  If you are getting security warnings due to a firewall setup, virus program such as McKaffee, Norton or some other virus program you will need to get assistance from those support desks or someone you know to assist you in this process.

Also please note, not all of our videos are available to download to your computer but can only be watched.  If you do not see a "download" link it is not available to download.

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